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Wedding Gown Cleaning And Preservation

Your wedding dress is by far, the most meaningful garment you will ever purchase, with its sentimental value only increasing in time. Since you have invested a great deal of effort, emotion and expense in its purchase, the cleaning and preservation of your bridal gown is something you should plan for now before the wedding. Wedding & formal gowns are our specialty. Bring those dresses in today and let us care for them.

We give your gown a delicate cleaning and a detailed hand pressing finish to make sure it looks great no matter how long it is stored away. Finally, it is vacuum sealed in a casing to allow you to store it away and not worry about the condition of the gown eroding over time. The job of wedding dress preservation is an important one, and one that shouldn’t be left to an inexperienced hand. We have tons of experience in this business, so you can trust our team to get this job done carefully and correctly.

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